My name is Martina De Simone, I’m from Italy and I play crystal alchemy bowls.

Made by a combination of pure quartz and precious elements, including gems and minerals, crystal alchemy bowls became part of my life after an extraordinary journey to Mount Shasta, California. These instruments are a powerful helper in traveling within inner worlds and serve as a bridge towards multidimensional realities.

Singing and toning with these instruments, as I usually do, may dramatically improve their effect.

In 2017, I started to work with Sergio Audasso, proficient life coach and trainer with a multiannual experience in the use of binaural and isochronic frequencies for the improvement of wellbeing, and we started together a new and exciting sound project for inner and spiritual empowerment.

Are you ready to regenerate with the power of music?

"The Awakening of the Crystal Mermaid" is the first album entirely dedicated to your multilevel regeneration: biological, emotional and of the soul. A trip within yourself, within reach of your earphones.

This CD is an experiential Neurosonic journey: the pure tones of the Crystal Alchemy Bowls and of the binaural frequencies can stimulate specific neuronal circuits, thus acting on different levels of the human being, who is an integrated unity of biology, mind and spirit.

The vibration, the frequencies, the music and the pure tones, combined with the intention, are increasingly appreciated as tools of transformation and restoration of a state of health in the New Age, like predicted by Edgar Cayce, the American sensitive, and Rudolf Steiner, the German anthroposophist, educator and artistic genius.

In the CD Booklet you may find more than 8 months of specific listening protocols to reach the best results.
We suggest listening sessions not exceeding 40 minutes daily. For a better result, it is recommended listening with high quality headphones, if possible. In case of room listening, it is advisable to use a stereo system with at least 20 to25 watt output.

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